SWE Phoenix Events

If there are questions about events, please contact the section president at president@swephoenix.com.

Date Event Event Planner
8/5/17  Networking Event- Annual Pool Party  Suzanna (Vice President)
8/18/17 to 8/20/17  ABJ Meeting  SWE Region B
8/31/17  SWE ASU Rapid Resume Review Barbara (Treasurer)
 8/30/17 Quarterly E-Board Meeting Syronna (President)
8/25/15, 9/1/17 and 9/8/17 ASU Resume Review Barbara (Treasurer)
 9/13/17  Professional Development Event – “Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics” @Medtronic Padma
9/22/17  Outreach Event- STEM Night @ Chase Field  Sara (Section Rep Alternate)
 10/5/17  Networking Event- Octoberfest Happy Hour  Janelle
 10/17/17  ASU Career Night Barbara (Treasurer)
 10/18/2017  Quarterly E-Board Meeting  Syronna (President)
 10/22/2017  Professional Development Event- Book Club  Janelle
 10/25/2017  ASU Poly Tech Career Night  TBD
 10/26/17-10/29/17  WE17 in Austin  SWE HQ
 11/4/17  MS Walk  Suzanna (Vice President)
 11/4/17  ASU Girls Make-A-Thon  Amber
 11/?/17  Professional Development Event- Book Club or Webinar @ Medtronic  Padma
 12/16/17 Networking Event- Adopt a Family for the Holidays and Ugly Sweater Happy Hour  Sara (Section Rep Alternate)
1/13/17 Networking Event-  Procrastinators Potluck  Betty
 1/20/17  Mid-Year Planning Meeting  Syronna (President)